We are all in a Unit-form!

The 144 000 star seeds have reach a turning point, we are all in a unit form. This is a channeled from Elisabeth Persson through Pleiades star seed 29/04/22.

This is a message from the Council of the Pleiades Star seeds and we thank you.We are in a miracles beginning once agin and we thank all the 144 000 star seeds that volunteers and grounding your self and integrate the new light.

It is a fabulous upgrades you have done the last seven week. We are so thankful fore all your work with secret geometry at the nights.

We have now reach a turning point of unit and you are the activation portal between cosmos and earth, activates the core of earth and the core of cosmos.

You have activate your inner universe and now you can work with your outer universe. You have seed the seeds of life, at the new earth and you have plant the flower of life. This is a bright new beginning and a new life fore all of us. If you can’t see it with your eyes, you will feel it with your energy.

Remember the highest light will always win.You have sending and activate your sister and brother, with your own body. The central sun have send a lot of blast on you. You have now open a new portal here on earth and the old have closed it happands at the same time in a parallell universe. Together with the green keepers you have sow the seeds of a new life.

The flower of life blooming when the green keepers sow the seed of life. Now we start the second phase of this conciseness.

We are building a new kingdom so within and without, as below and above.

We love you all and we are alla a aspekt of each other. We are all one!And we thank you!

Channeled message through

@Elisabeth Persson/SpiritGuide.se